Preventing the “Summer Slide”

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Make sure kids don’t lose skills learned throughout the school year while on summer break. Dr. Rachel Losoff of The…

Dr. Claudia Shields on Depression

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Normal sadness often gets confused with major depressive disorder, which is an illness. Dr. Claudia Shields of our Clinical Psychology…

Dr. Melody Bacon on Helping an Addicted Family Member

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The path to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be long and painful – not only for the addict…

Women in Leadership and Balance

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Finding ways to maintain a healthy balance in our lives is challenging – particularly for busy professionals. Family, career, health…

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, education is not just about theory—it is rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community. Our practitioner faculty integrate classroom learning with relevant, applicable examples from their own experiences in the field, providing students with valuable skills that they carry with them throughout their careers.



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One in five Americans experiences a mental health disorder in any given year, but far too many of them fail to get the help they need. Why? One of the…

Dr. Keith Carroll on Ghosting in the Workplace

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In this interview with “Fox 32 Chicago”, Department Chair I/O Business Psychology, Dr. Keith Carroll discusses about a trend called…

Dr. Hector Adames on how to Raise a Proud Afro-Latino kid

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In this interview with “Parents Latina”,  Counseling Psychology Associate Department Chair Dr. Hector Adames discusses how to raise a proud…

LA Grad Research Forum

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The Graduate Research Forum (GRF) is an annual conference featuring our student scholarship that connects students with the rest of…

A Tradition of Service

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Service is practically coded in Dr. Karen Brown’s family’s DNA. The mother of six comes from a family with a…

A Free Haircut Changed A Life

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In commemoration of Memorial Day,  Eric Mejia, a member of our amazing Admissions staff, shares memories of his military service…