Orientation at The Chicago School

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Getting the school year started on the right foot is the goal of any successful orientation program. At The Chicago School this year’s Orientation programs at the L.A. Campus we caught a few students getting ready for the year who shared their perspectives.

Jefferey Epps came all the way from Miami to start the next chapter of his life.

I’m nervous, anxious, ready to get started. I’m getting older and I want to control my destiny and this degree will afford me the opportunity to do that.

Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D. – TCSPP’s President shared some advice with the students:

I tell them to remember why they’re here. To engage in years worth of training that’s going to advance their careers and their academic futures. And to remember to think of this as a semester at a time. You really have to focus on one day at a time, one semester at a time. You’ve already been tremendously successful, you’ve gotten to graduate school, you’ve gotten this far, you know exactly what to do. Remember the great institution that they’ve signed up with, remember the mission that we represent, have a lot of fun and you’ll be just fine.

LA Campus Dean, Dr. Justin Cassity, let students know the faculty and staff at TCSPP are dedicated to supporting students.

We’re here to make sure that you succeed. We’re responsible to support you and help you with this program and let students know, ‘you can do this. You have the academic experience, you have the work experience. This is the place to be if you want to do psychology.

Jonathan Sistona, a TCSPP Counselor, is so successful convincing students about the success of TCSPP students he talked himself into enrolling.

I’m excited, haven’t been in school for awhile. But I’m finally investing in myself and taking a chance on my own goals. This is a new beginning.

Jissel Aguilera, embarking on the first year of her program, says she chose TCSPP after an exhaustive search.

I’ve been working in the field for a couple of years and decided to pursuing a PsyD. I’ve been doing research about schools and found this one to be the most fitting. It was a matter of scheduling, courses, location – and decided this is the best one.

But it was Trashon Perkins, a new student from L.A., who left the biggest impression on all of us. Trashon survived a high-risk surgical procedure and came to TCSPP filled with gratitude.

This is a dream come true. I had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit and had to have emergency brain surgery. My family was told I should be planning my funeral but God thought otherwise. I’m gonna soar like an eagle!