More to Come with Dallas Campus Under Leadership of Dr. Lance Garrison

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Dr. Lance Garrison is Campus Director for The Chicago School’s Dallas campus. He is a highly experienced higher education leader who started his education experience as an adjunct faculty member and progressed through increasing positions of responsibility that allowed him to develop expertise in academic affairs, student affairs, career services, and operations management.

Dr. Garrison shared his thoughts about the new Dallas Campus programs as well as the growing need for multi-disciplined health care professionals.

Tell us a little about yourself – where you’re from, your education and what motivated to become a psychologist.

I was born and raised in Texas. My hometown of Alpine, TX is a city of just over 5000 people in far West Texas. I grew up and spent the majority of my formative years there.  I started my higher education journey as a music performance major but early on decided to shift gears and pursue psychology. I have always had a passion for helping others and understanding the “why” of people’s behaviors and choices. For that reason, the field of psychology resonated with me. I received my Master of Arts in School Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.

What are your goals for the Dallas campus?

My goal for the Dallas campus is for it to become an example of excellence on all fronts for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. We expect to be the epicenter of TCSPP’s expansion into the field of healthcare and to be the fastest growing campus in the system.

The world of psychology is constantly changing – how do you propose to make sure students in Dallas are educated and trained to succeed in that constantly changing world?

To ensure our students at the Dallas Campus are educated and trained to succeed in a constantly changing professional landscape we must stay close to both new research and to the professionals in the field translating that research into practice. Whether it is through our thought leadership speaker series, our campus advisory board comprised in key community leaders in psychology and healthcare, or our outstanding scholar practitioner faculty, our students will be immersed in the newest thinking in the field and applying it in their practical experiences via our engaged practitioner model of education.

As a university we focus constantly on service and diversity – how will you incorporate those themes into the Dallas Campus?

The Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area is a highly diverse community. Our student body and faculty reflect that diversity, which adds a richness to the educational experience that is valuable and highly desirable. That diversity will serve us well as we extend TCSPP’s rich tradition of community service and engagement to our local communities.

With the Dallas emphasis on I/O Psychology, tell us how the graduates of your programs will be uniquely prepared to succeed in the exciting world of business psychology.

The Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area has a rich and vibrant business community and is ranked third in the U.S. as a home to over 20 Fortune 500 company headquarters. Because of this, we have a large and well-established community of business psychologists in the region with which we are establishing strong ties. We will have these professionals in our classrooms providing a cutting edge educational experience for our students. Our students will be connected through their internships with top companies, giving those students a strong jump start on being highly successful business psychology professionals.


The Dallas Campus currently offers three degree programs: M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, with a number of additional programs planned for launch in coming enrollment cycles. Enrollment is now open.

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