Preventing Gun Violence

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The 2019 Cultural Impact Conference focuses on how gun violence prevention can be addressed by several systems, including mental health.

Clinical Psychology professor and creator of HipHop Heals, Dr. Jaleel Abdul-Adil will give the keynote address.

It is a shocking statistic. One hundred Americans are killed with guns every day. Those left to deal with the effects of gun violence count in the millions. Prevention is key to decreasing those numbers. The 2019 Cultural Impact Conference  focuses on how gun violence prevention can be addressed by several systems, including mental health providers, community advocates, policy leaders, educators, and students. The goal is to work together and promote a comprehensive approach that will keep individuals, families, and communities safe.

Registration is open for the Cultural Impact Conference, Gun Violence Prevention: Mental Health Implications of Mass Shootings, taking place May 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Chicago’s Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. Scheduled presentations cover topics ranging from assessing risk of violence to the benefits of having a national violence prevention hotline to invalidating toxic masculinity. Featured presenters include:

Keynote speaker Jaleel Abdul-Adil, Ph.D. is the co-director of Urban Youth Trauma Center (UYTC), a center providing coordinated care for multi-problem, high-risk youth affect by trauma and community violence. In his presentation, Over a (Gun) Barrel: Roles and Responses in Violence Prevention, he will provide a professional framework for perspectives and practices in violence prevention developed at UYTC.

Nancy Zarse, Psy.D., a forensic psychologist who consults with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will present Assessing Risk of Violence. An explanation of violence risk assessment and threat management, the presentation will include a discussion of risk factors and warning signs of violence, as well as escalation towards and protective factors against violence.

Forensic Psychology professor and FBI consultant Dr. Nancy Zarse will present on assessing risk of violence.

Kate Mahoney, L.C.S.W., is executive director of the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education. She will be presenting Reducing Stigma, Dispelling Myths about Mental Illness and Gun Violence with Leah Hoane, B.A. The presentation will highlight how myth and stigma lead to misinformation about mental illness’s role in gun violence.

Franshonn Salter, Gun Violence and Prevention in Marginalized Communitie A student at The Chicago School, Ms. Salter lost two nephews to gun violence in 2014. She will share her personal story of the impact of gun violence and the interdisciplinary approach she developed to combat gun violence.

Continued Education credits will be available for several of the 17 presentations offered during the conference, and select presentations will be streamed live. Register now.

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