Dr. Melody Bacon on Helping an Addicted Family Member

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The path to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be long and painful – not only for the addict…

Women in Leadership and Balance

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Finding ways to maintain a healthy balance in our lives is challenging – particularly for busy professionals. Family, career, health…

Salvaging Lives on Skid Row

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It is a blessing to know that there are people that actually care for you” Xochitl Romero started using drugs…

Growth Mindset

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Dr. Jennifer Thompson of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Business Psychology Department defines Growth Mindset.

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, education is not just about theory—it is rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community. Our practitioner faculty integrate classroom learning with relevant, applicable examples from their own experiences in the field, providing students with valuable skills that they carry with them throughout their careers.


PRESIDENT’S BLOG: Substance Use and Addiction

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In the United States, more than 20 million people over the age of 12 suffer from a substance use disorder. Their addictions are to alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs or, increasingly,…

Dr. Jay Finkelman on Elements that Make a Business a Top Place to Work

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In this article with the “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel”, Department Chair, IO/Business Psychology Dr. Jay Finkelman discusses the elements that make…

Dr. Nayeli Chavez-Duenas and Dr. Hector Adames on How to Survive Social Media Attacks

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In this article with “Inside Higher Ed”, Counseling Psychology Associate Professor Dr. Nayeli Chavez- Duenas and Counseling Psychology Associate Department Chair…

Dancing Therapist

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James Jimenez is a graduate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Marital and Family Therapy Program.

There’s an Art to It

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  “The Beginning of Noon” by Crystal McDonald. Because of Vincent Van Gogh and Frank Lloyd Wright, lifelong artist Crystal…

Preventing Gun Violence

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The 2019 Cultural Impact Conference focuses on how gun violence prevention can be addressed by several systems, including mental health.…